Azure Construction breaks ground on another Southern California ADU.

announced today the company’s new contract to build an ADU in Hancock Park.

Los Angeles, CA, November 25, 2020 -Azure Construction announces today the company’s new contract to build an ADU in Los Angeles.

Ross Maguire, Azure’s CEO, announced today that the company broke ground this week on an Accessory Dwelling Unit (“ADU”) in Hancock Park. This is Azure’s 8th contract to design and build ADUs in 2020. In California, significant new legislation was approved effective January 1, 2020, to liberalize the permitting of new ADUs. Expansion of ADUs can create thousands of affordable, accessory dwelling units statewide without any taxpayer subsidies. California’s actions reduce barriers and allow more accessory dwelling units to help meet the affordable housing challenge. Accessory dwelling units offer one solution to this challenge: facilitating intergenerational living arrangements and allowing more seniors to age in place, something that nearly 90 percent of older Americans desire for themselves and their families.

The Azure management team has over 100 years of experience in residential construction. Azure is a firm believer in transparent pricing and bringing clarity to homeowners on the status of their budget and schedule. Current market conditions are allowing Azure to deliver projects within schedule and on-budget. Maguire stated, “We are committed to assisting property owners with the design and construction of ADUs. Our ADU projects range from conversion of 400 square feet garage to a new construction of free-standing 1,200 square feet two-bedroom building in their backyard.”

About Ross Maguire and Azure Construction:

Ross Maguire co-founded Azure Construction. Mr. Maguire 13 years of experience as an engineer, contractor, and designer. Having graduated with a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering, Ross moved straight into the General Contracting business initially in his homeland of London, England, and later in Los Angeles, CA. He has worked with some of the country’s largest contracting firms, as well as homeowners and developers. Azure provides design and general contracting services with trustworthy, timely, and innovative services. Azure Construction specializes in ADUs, fire rebuilds, remodeling, and additions in Southern California.

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